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Lifegate kids

We have plenty of opportunities where children of all ages can grow as a family, and as a child of God.  From learning to serve others in the community, activities, and Sunday morning Junior church.  

Learning to serve

Throughout the year, Lifegate kids learn how they can serve others in the community, and throughout the world; from visiting the local assisted living community, to saving up money for the 'Heifer project'

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Somers Point Thrift Store
Junior Church

Our 'Junior Church' program meets during Sunday morning worship; where the kids learn Bible stories through singing, activities, and interactive videos.

Throughout this series, we will learn how we can rely on God’s power in us to defeat any evil.  God’s power in us can equip us with everything we need to be heroes every day! Ultimately, we will learn that when Jesus is the leader and hero of our lives, we will be victorious! 


Throughout the year, we have various activities for the kids in our family.

Contact us for up-to-date information.

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